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AKGEN Farm Products is operating the production, reclamation and import and export marketing of vegetable seeds under the name of Green South.

Our firm has been the dealer of several seed firms since 2000. AKGEN Farm Products started Green South, Green South Ithal, Green South Flower brands, then started working on producing and regenerating. From that time, we have been working on producing more qualified products with our professional farmers and engineers on our 1500-decare-field in Marmara and South Eastern Regions. Our main goal is producing various high quality vegetable seeds and supporting the farmers having much more profit.

Our company has aspired to produce high quality products and provide stability in price. We are so glad to be one of the most wanted companies by producing high quality products in the region.

We wish all our farmers and the valuable dealers have beneficial profit.
With our best regards,

AKGEN Farm Products Industry and Trade Limited Co.

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